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Dr. Larry Sangrik
  • Is your team prepared to manage a medical emergency?
  • Would you like to provide a higher level of care for apprehensive patients?

A leader in dental continuing education for over ten years, Dr. Sangrik provides dental CE courses at the nation's top meetings.

Dental fear costs everyone when patients don't receive needed care and the practice loses income. Another is the fear that one's team is not adequately prepared to be able to manage a serious medical event. Gain the tools to help patients accept greater levels of treatment and develop strategies to prevent, identify and respond to a wide range of medical crises through Dr. Larry Sangrik's courses.

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Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office:
Why CPR Is Not Enough

Develop strategies to prevent, identify and respond to a wide range of medical crises. Emphasis will be placed on preparing the dental team to minimize the impact of such an event. Although any dental professional will benefit from attending individually, the greatest gain is achieved when the entire dental team attends together. By doing so, dental teams develop a coordinated response.

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Your Patient, Your Duty: Liability Issues and Medical Emergencies

Few dentists have weathered a malpractice claim. If the dentist is accused of rendering improper care during a medical emergency, suddenly everything is now on the line.

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Understanding Dental Fear:
Successfully Treating the Apprehensive Patient

Explore the underlying types of dental fear and how it is evident through a patient's personality. Skills to identify and alternatives to treat patient fears will be discussed. Dental teams are encouraged to attend as a group. This course is ideal for both practices offering complex, high-end treatment or routine care.

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Nitrous Oxide & Oral Sedation for the Dental Patient

This course will help dentists address the needs of their apprehensive patients. Many dental boards allow hygienists and dental assistants to monitor/administer nitrous oxide. Learn strategies for maximizing the clinical team’s role. Additionally, discover techniques for augmenting nitrous oxide with a modest dose of oral sedation, providing a safe alternative for conscious sedation.

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Mastering Vital Signs & Patient Monitoring During Conscious Sedation

Dental patients often present with complex medical conditions and histories. Coupled with conscious sedation and increasingly sophisticated and invasive dental procedures, these patients must be monitored during dental treatment. Gain a greater understanding and skill in interpreting pulse oximetry and capnography on minimally or moderately sedated patients.

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Larry J. Sangrik, DDS

Ask about Dr. Sangrik’s innovative delivery approaches:

  • His “Sweeps” program allows for one course to be taught in rapid succession in multiple locations across miles.
  • His DSO program includes courses customized exclusively for their offices.

Since 1999, Dr. Larry J. Sangrik has offered dental CE courses to thousands of dental professionals at the nation's top meetings in venues ranging from small groups of 12 to large groups of 1,000. Having been named as one of the nation's leader's in dental continuing education for over ten consecutive years, Dr. Sangrik has written for Dentistry Today, Dental Economics and Dental Practice Success on the topics of medical emergencies and dental fear. Recently, Dr. Sangrik developed and authored a 4-part video and workbook for the American Dental Association on medical emergency preparedness. Dr. Sangrik has completed a research project assessing patient expectations of medical emergencies occurring in dental office, it was published by the American Association of Dental Boards.

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Why Choose Dr. Larry Sangrik?

  • Courses can be adapted to meet the needs of your program.
  • Material is of a doctoral level but is offered in a manner that all members of the dental team will benefit.
  • Programs are interactive with optional exercises that solidify the learning.
  • Attendees receive detailed handout notes, allowing them to listen and still have a resource.

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